Sunday, July 21, 2013

Common Ground Pizza and Sandwiches

Our local co-op is fantastic and feels like a second home to our kids. They know many of the people who work there and love to chat with them, but what they like best is eating vegan food from the deli. Around Parker's 13th birthday, the co-op started offering their own pizza. It was an awesome birthday present. Since we live in a small college town, we don't have many options for vegan pizza and no options anymore (now that One World is gone) for pizza with vegan cheese.
 The dough is New York style and so good. This picture shows the Tofu and Mandarin Orange (Josie's favorite) on the left and I think the Very Vegan Veggie on the right. Since early this year, they have gone from just offering pizza by the slice to making them to order and selling entire pizzas. Common Ground is now hands down our favorite pizza place we're ever tried, not just favorite local.
They don't just serve excellent pizza, they now have made to order sandwiches too. This one is the seasonal Butternut Squash and Pesto. It has us looking forward to fall. So delicious and a combination I never would have thought of on my own! There will be many more pictures of Common Ground food in the future, the pics are being held prisoner on my Samsung phone which does not play nice with my IMac computer.

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