Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to (Home)School Lunches - PlanetBox

Back to school time is just around the corner so many parenting friends are discussing the best way for their kiddos to transport food to school. I have a huge backlog of lunch photos from the second semester of our weekly Joy in Learning homeschooling group. I thought it might be a good time to share them. This post features PlanetBox. The age of the kids when these lunches were eaten; Parker 12/13, Dema 8/9, Josie 5.
 Josie's Rover PlanetBox: orange slices, frozen mangoes (when they thaw, they get really juicy and this will spill if the box is turned in its side, but we keep them flat at our homeschooling group so not a real issue for us), coconut macaroons, pb and j on Rudi's whole wheat sandwich flatz.
 Parker's Launch PlanetBox: orange slices, chocolate coconut macaroons, veggie burger on sandwich flatz, and kale chips.
 Dema's Launch PlanetBox: orange slices, apple slices, frozen mangoes, veggie burger on sandwich flatz, and a chocolate and vanilla macaroon.
 Josie's Rover: Country Choice Duplex sandwich cookies, baked tofu, carrot sticks, almond yogurt with frozen raspberries and ground flax seeds.
 Boys' Launches: Country Choice Duplex sandwich cookies, hummus with artichokes, carrot sticks, almond yogurt with frozen raspberries and ground flax seeds.
 Parker's Launch: Baked tofu sandwich on One Degree veganic bread, peanut butter and fruit spread on in the upper half, leftover Indian curry with chickpeas, sweet peas, and potatoes.
 Josie's Rover: chickpeas, mix of cashews/chocolate chunks, and dried apricots, peanut butter and fruit spread sandwich, brown rice and tofu stir fry, and leftover Indian curry wrap.
Boys' Launches: Indian curry wrap, tofu sandwich on One Degree bread, chickpeas with nutritional yeast.
 Boys' Launches: Chickpea salad wrap, stuffed grape leaves, carrot sticks, and fig bars.
 Josie's Rover: Chickpea salad wrap, fig bars, celery and carrot sticks, Back to Nature crackers with homemade cheese sauce.
 Josie's Rover: dried mango, veggie booty, cashews/dried cherries/pumpkin seed mix, kumquat, and Annie Chun potstickers.
 Dema's Launch: kale chips, chia bar, baked tofu wrap, and Gardein chick'n slider.
Parker's Launch: Launch: kale chips, Blue Diamond nut thins, chia bar, baked tofu wrap, and Gardein chick'n slider.


Cadry's Kitchen said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you! It's been a long time!

It's great how much variety the lunches have. Each box offers a lot of tastes of many different things. As always, I love how your kids have such adventurous palates. It makes me happy when kids eat things that are varied and colorful.

VeganLinda said...

Cadry, Thanks! It is good to be back. I am very fortunate to have kids who pretty much eat anything (vegan). :-)