Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Few Scenes From Our Spring

 Our sweet greyhound rescue (love American Greyhound!) snuggled up on her couch. She learned early on what couch was hers and what couches belong to the humans. She easily figures out the rules.
 On party nights (this one was for Rob's 51st birthday) when the adults (and kids) stay up too long rules can get blurry. Our little friend, Norah, fell asleep on Gracie's couch so Gracie hopped up there and fell asleep on her. 
 Josie's spring soccer team. Josie is the one standing behind the male coach (fourth from the left).
 Parker was Prince Eric in the CPD show, The Little Mermaid Jr., this spring. Here he is after the matinee performance with his sister and brother.
 Our awesome young teen neighbor gave Josie one of her old homemade Halloween outfits...a mermaid! This made Josie so happy! With all The Little Mermaid shows for Parker it was great to have Josie join in the fun at home.

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