Sunday, December 2, 2012

New November

November was my birthday month and the month for new. Our refrigerator finally came in!!! Not the one we bought several months ago, but a similar brand/model. The good folks at Champaign Appliance Center not only loaned us a refrigerator during the interim, but they helped us find a different make/model when GE delayed the arrival date again. I really wanted to buy GE because they are committed to greener products and moving production to the US, but they postponed the release of the refrigerator four times. We needed something now. We are very happy with our Kitchenaid for now.
 Yeah! For a new refrigerator that works. We can buy greens again! Our four pound blocks of tofu won't be half frozen!
 Everything fits! Our "meat section" is a great place to store bread.
 Freezer storage is easy to see and plentiful!
We didn't hook up the ice maker since it is supposed to be cold this time of year.
Our new dog with our new refrigerator.

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