Thursday, December 20, 2012

Humongous Holiday Post - Halloween

Humongous holiday post part one - Halloween. I just realized we are 24 hours away from the end of the world Winter Solstice and I can't post about it since I never blogged about Halloween, multiple birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc. So here ya go, a bit late, Halloween 2012.
 Jose as a Princess Fairy and Parker as Captain America. We found a bigger shield, but it didn't look as much fun and was wooden and super heavy.
 Waiting for Dema to get into the picture.
 Finally, the elusive Dema ninja joins them.
 Ninjas don't stay still for long.
 Josie showing off the wings Awesome Neighbor Margie bought for her.
 After the pictures we were off to one of Parker's school friend's houses for a Halloween party. Parker loved the neighborhood friend showed up with a homemade Mindcraft creeper costume. It was exactly what Parker wanted to make, but we were too lazy this year.
 Dema being a ninja and climbing up Parker's friend's cool rope and climbing structure.
 It was cold out, but that didn't stop the kids from running around until they almost collapsed.
 Parker as Captain America doing battle with a friend dressed as Dr. Who.
 Josie wasn't about to let the boys get all the fun. She was one of the last to call it quits and come in and eat.
 My fairy "flying".
 My happy ninja.
 The party had plenty of vegan food for us to eat (we were the only vegans to attend). Like these cool apple mouths with nuts as teeth.
 Snake breadsticks.
 Brain cupcakes.
 Yummy spicy chili that the kids couldn't get enough of.
 After a lot of running, eating, and watching movies, our fairy was worn out and ready to call it a night. It was so nice to get to know the parents better and it is so sweet that all his friends of his one year of public school last year still think to include him in everything. They are a great bunch of kids!
 On actual Halloween night, we had planned a party, but my fairy princess came down with a cough and I didn't want to expose all our friends. She did dress up. Parker went trick-or-treating with his friend who had the Halloween party a couple days before. It is the first time he's gone trick-or-treating in a different neighborhood. He had a great time. Ninja Dema went around with his best friend and neighbor, Ethan. 
 The kids really got into their characters this year.
 Our sweet high school friend and neighbor, Tessa, was brave enough to walk around the neighborhood with a coughing fairy princess so I could hand out candy to the 200 visitors to our house. It was so strange to have all three kids off in different directions.
 The Great Pumpkin left them presents that night in exchange for all their non-vegan candy. Josie received Hanna Andersson organic cotton pajamas (I buy them during their sales and usually give them for Solstice or Christmas, but this year I decided to go with Halloween), some gum, vegan chocolates, and a bank divided for spending/saving/giving.
 Dema received Story Cubes (he loves them at our Joy in Learning homeschooling group so I bought his own), Hanna Andersson organic cotton pjs, gum, vegan chocolate, and a Lego super hero. He shares the super hero with Parker and the story cubes with Josie.
Parker's last Hanna Andersson organic cotton pjs. This makes me a little sad and of course happy because it means he is growing up. I guess next year I'll have to buy him adult sized pjs so maybe they aren't his last. He also received a cube calendar, gum, and vegan chocolate.


Veganopoulous said...

That was a lovely read, thanks! The brain cupcakes look great, I'll save that idea for when we learn about the brain next year in homeschooling :)

Jesska Messka said...

This is such a good idea for halloween for vegan kids! I'm not married or have any kids or anything yet, but if I end up down that path I will certainly be raising them vegan and since I wasn't raised vegan, I have wondered about how it could be altered so it's inclusive..I love that the kids give the candy away to get something in return, and it saves you the time/hassle of sifting through all the processed, refined, and possibly tampered with crap they get to find the few crap items that are vegan. I also love the bank that has spending/saving/giving, great for teaching basic economics at a young age!