Tuesday, December 4, 2012

(Home) School Lunch Tuesday

Once a month our homeschooling group has "pizza day". The participating families bring money and order from Little Caesar's Pizza. While Little Caesar's has information on their website for vegetarian and vegans, which is very cool, we opt to make our own most months. Lately, I've just been cooking up a Bold Veggie Lovers Pizza from the freezer. Or really three of them since each kid can eat their own. Josie and Dema usually are too quick to leave their lunch and go play so they have leftovers, but those are soon devoured on the way home.
 Their PlanetBoxes don't hold an entire pizza well and the kids need more than pizza for lunch so I use our To-go Ware. The pizza fits in the bottom, carrots sticks, soy yogurt (in a PlanetBox Big Dipper) with berries and flax seeds (sorry I left the top on the container, but you know what it looks like), carrot sticks, and Late July chocolate cookies.
 Josie liked this picture because she thinks it looks like the container has two huge eyes and carrots for hair. I love all my stainless steel food containers and use them all the time.
 I used a PlanetBox Launch Satellite Dish for the boys' yogurt and it wouldn't fit inside the To-Go Ware with all the pizza and carrot sticks so I put the To-Go Ware with the dish inside a Built NY lunch tote and it worked perfectly.
 Since Josie's all fit inside the To-Go Ware, I used their carrying bag (with her spoon in the little pocket on the side).
 Another pizza day, but this time with Tofurky Italian Sausage Pizza and carrot sticks in another To-Go container.
 Pizza and carrot sticks.
I put the pears, Lemon Cranberry bar, and Late July chocolate cookies in a separate Eco Lunch Box (I bought mine at Common Ground Co-op).
Kids can not live on vegan pizza alone, so here is another week's lunch in their PlanetBoxes. Alive and Radiant Southwest Ranch Kale Krunch, Artisana pecan butter and fruit spread on Rudi's whole wheat bagel flatz, carrot sticks, homemade hummus with artichokes (Common Ground Co-op offers an awesome hummus with artichokes so now I throw artichokes in my homemade hummus), and a dark chocolate square.
 Dema's Lauch PlanetBox with carrot sticks, homemade artichoke hummus, Health Warrior Chia barAlive and Radiant Southwest Ranch Kale Krunch, dried mangoes, and Hilary's Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burger on a whole wheat bun with unsweetened ketchup, Vegenaise, and mustard. 
Parker's Launch PlanetBox with pretty much the same as Dema's minus the dried mangoes and with greens, relish, hot sauce, and avocado added to his burger and no ketchup. Yes, the kids help make their lunches.


Veganopoulous said...

I enjoyed this post :) I'm addicted to lunchboxes with compartments! My friends joke about my 'military' Planetbox.

Jennifer said...

Your lunches always look so yummy!!!

Jennifer said...

Your lunches always look so yummy!

VeganLinda said...

Vanopoulous, we get that military comment sometimes too. Especially with the to-go ware. They do remind me of my dad's boy scout camping dinnerware. We are obviously addicted to lunchboxes too. :-)
Jennifer, thanks! They usually are quite good. We have fun with them.