Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crushing on Community - CU Fab Lab

One of the many things I love about our little college community...

CU Fab Lab:
I didn't even realize this place existed until a local homeschooling family arranged for a "class". Another reason I love our homeschooling community as well!
You might also have a Fab lab in your area.
After touring the facility and getting an overview of all the amazing tools available at the lab, the kids had a time to play around and design something.
Parker, of course, went for something to do with Minecraft.
They had plenty of computers for everyone, even the parents, and the volunteers at the lab are enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.
The class didn't cost anything. The materials can be free if you use scraps, but there is a slight donation needed for use of some of the equipment. A small price to pay. Parker's project didn't even take a minute on the laser cutter.
All new skills should have some instant gratification attached to it so we want to continue learning. It was great to be able to have something in Parker's hands to spark new ideas of things to make at the Fab Lab.
He took Rob back to check the place out a week or two after the class. The Fab Lab is mainly for adults and college students, but they are very happy to have younger kids (10 and up) come and learn with parent supervision.

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