Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I'm Sipping Sunday - Chai!

I used to be completely addicted to chai tea. I was never a big coffee fan, but chai was my weakness. I've found that I do not handle caffeine well, I get jittery and wired to the point where I don't stop talking (I know that is normal for me, but really I get worse with lots of caffeine). I do get a lot of housework done when I'm "on chai", but it definitely makes me feel funny. Autumn is when I crave the taste of chai the most, but I don't have to deprive myself this year since buying Frontier's organic and Fair Trade green tea chai. Just a little less caffeine makes all the difference between me buzzing and just being able to relax with a big cup of tea (or two).
 My husband works for Yahoo! again and this means I now have a HUGE mug to drink my chai. I have to say that our Hamilton Beach kettle has also changed our lives for the better. It is one of those inexpensive kitchen gadgets that we put off buying and I'm not sure why. We haven't owned a microwave for over 13 years and we've gone through several stove top kettles over these years, used just a small sauce pan, and I don't know why we never thought about an electric kettle. So much better than forgetting the kettle or sauce pan on the stove. We live in a cold old house and we drink hot tea non-stop during the fall/winter/spring to keep us warm so this kettle gets lots of love. We use it to heat up water to shorting the cooking process for pasta, soak rice noodles, add hot water to soups, make broth, etc. I highly recommend buying one!
 My other new obsession is Sunsational sunflower milk. Josie introduced me to sunflower milk after drinking some at Gita's house. Now it is one of her favorite treats. I bought vanilla and love it in my chai or my occasional cup of coffee. Why do people still drink cruelty-laden and unhealthy dairy* with so many wonderful options out there?
Monday I added a bit of So Delicious Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk to my chai for an even more autumn-y taste while I sat on my porch enjoying the trees in our park. I love fall!

*If you want to see the how many diary cows are treated (not for the faint of heart), you can check out this recent undercover video from Mercy for Animals.

I can't help but add this song from Pink. I always think of the scene of the calf drinking human breast milk when I see people consume dairy. Don't watch it if you are easily offended.

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