Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vegan Meet-up - Oktoberfest!

We had a vegan meet-up with an Oktoberfest theme tonight. Great people - even better with our vegan meet-up founders, Faith and Wade, down from Canada. Great food - we made Ultimate Vegan Lasagna from Vegetarian Times (first time making this recipe, we usually try new recipes for potlucks).
 Her is Parker being goofy and eating a vegan sausage in a blanket with Josie over his shoulder.
Parker's first plate with our lasagna taking up a big portion of the right side of his plate, bread, Amelia's pretzels (the bread stick looking thing in the middle - soooo good!), Faith's mashed squash with roasted onions and sage on the left-hand side (unbelievably simple and good), vegan sausage in dough (can't go wrong), potatoes and green beans (one of Parker's favorites) and a squash or sweet potato dip that I kept going back for more of. Chase brought his home-brewed Oktoberfest beer and there was more food, but I was eating, chatting, and having fun so there are no more pictures. If you are local, com to one of our meet-ups! Everyone is welcome. I don't think I've been to a meet-up yet where everyone was vegan. The food is always fabulous and the conversations are always interesting. We host about half the time, but this evening it was Kenworthy's turn. If you aren't local, start a vegan meet-up of your own!

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