Friday, October 19, 2012

Vegan Comfort Food Part III - Breakfast for Dinner

What is better than having breakfast for dinner? Eating out and having breakfast for dinner! Yay, baby! The Red Herring out-did themselves last night and I forgot my camera, but here are iphone pics (too dark to do the food justice, but it was amazingly good). We were prepared last night. I didn't eat all day (okay, a few pistachios and some dried mango) because I knew Thursday night is Vegan Comfort Food night at The Red Herring and we would stuff ourselves silly. We look forward to going out as a family Thursday nights, but I was especially psyched because the menu was breakfast food. That is what I miss most about living in a bigger city, vegan breakfast/brunch options. I dream about someone opening a vegan brunch joint every weekend, but it never comes true. Last night we had my dream, if only for one dinner. If you have not come to a Thursday night yet, you must make it soon. I promise you'll leave satisfied, vegan or not.
 Biscuits and gravy, scramble tofu, tempeh bacon, potatoes, and vegan sausage. It was all so perfect!
 The kids didn't waste any time digging into their meals. I brought the to-go ware this time expecting their leftovers, but they practically licked their plates clean.
In fact, Dema kept trying to bribe us into buying another plate of food for him to take home for breakfast the next day. Poor guy is now obsessed with biscuits and gravy. I gave him some of my food, but he was still begging for more. He is going to try to talk them into making breakfast a regular thing.


Stefanie said...

I really wanted to go to this, but I've recently stopped eating gluten and knew that I would just be torturing myself :( Looking at these photos, though, I'm going to make biscuits and gravy from Great Gluten-Free Eats tonight as well as some tempeh bacon to make up for missing it!

KBH said...

I have the same issue with veg breakfast items. At least veggies and grits never fail me!

VeganLinda said...

Stefanie, I just read your post about going gluten-free. I hope it makes you feel better! The scramble was awesome with the tempeh bacon so you could have skipped the biscuits and gravy. We all got 1/2 of each entree and that is why we had all of it on our plates. Let me know how the gluten-free biscuits turn out. I have lots of gluten-free friends so I like to have some gf recipes that I know are good.