Thursday, October 18, 2012

This and That Thursday - Veggie Burgers

Okay, this is not a true this and that Thursday since I'm not comparing two foods side by side, but work with me here. It has been a busy week. There is a new veggie burger in our lives and it is call Qrunch. I'm so happy to see so many foods now made with quinoa and how adorable is crunch spelled with a q? Too cute! Qrunch most resembles Hilary's Eat Well and Asherah's Gourmet which I reviewed side-by-side previously. Qrunch has similar ingredients:
Photo and ingredient list from the Qrunch website.

Qrunch is sturdier like Hillary's Eat Well and I think they are all great veggie burger options, but without comparing them next to each other, I would say that Qrunch is a little better.
 I bought the Spicy Italian flavor through our buying club so I don't know for sure if they are available locally yet. The Spicy Italian immediately won Parker over. He is the one who adds hot sauce to all his burgers, but he didn't need to on this one. I have to say that we came up with the prefect combination of toppings and you should all try Qrunch exactly the way we had them. Teese cheese broiled on Veganic Ancient Whole Wheat bread (available locally at Common Ground Co-op) with romaine, pesto Vegenaise, sauerkraut, and mustard. Exactly. Like. This.
Okay, I'm sure they are good served other ways too, but the kids and I agreed this was perfect. Kiwi fruit on the side made for a lovely lunch.

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