Friday, October 5, 2012

Anniversary Dinner

Rob and I have been married 14 years as of yesterday. We've been together 18 years so while relationships are always work,  I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Our rock star neighbor and vegan cook, Angela, is now working at our only veg restaurant in town, The Red Herring. She let us know that Thursday night was the first Vegan Comfort Food Night so I thought what better way to celebrate our 14 years of marriage than eating yummy vegan comfort food with the kiddos and some of the vegan meet-up peeps!
 Josie took a picture of her plate: chickpea cutlet, gravy, mac and cheeze, and collards. All three kids went for the cutlet.
I took another picture, but you can see her hands are already itching to dig in!
 Rob and I ordered the lentil loaf with tomato based gravy, mac and cheeze, and collards.
Rob is ready to eat!
 So is Parker!
Dema was a good sport and let me take a picture before he started eating. He was still talking about the food this morning. He can't wait for next Thursday.

The food was great and so filling! Definitely worth the $10 a plate with tea to drink. The Red Herring has been around forever, but it is located on campus and usually open only during the school year for lunch. They have been playing with dinner hours lately and I hope they keep them up because it is much easier for our family of five to eat their for dinner than for lunch when it is swamped with students. The restaurant is located in the basement of Channing-Murray Foundation and our friend, Rebecca Plummer Rohloff did a lot of the wall art years ago so it makes me think of her every time we walk in the restaurant. The restaurant tries to use as many local ingredients as possible and they always seem open to feedback and ideas. Locals should definitely check out The Red Herring.


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize it was your Anniversary Thursday night. Like the kids, I went for the cutlet with brown gravy. It was delicious. The lentil loaf looks amazing too. I read next Thursday they are going to have enchiladas and jackfruit carnitas. If I'm not busy, I'll have to go back for that. :) said...

What a great looking plate of food. Happy anniversary!