Sunday, September 16, 2012

Planet Box Lunches

We love our to-go ware stainless steel containers and have used them frequently over the years. I didn't think we needed anything more, but several friends have Planet Boxes and I finally decided to take the plunge. We tried them out a couple weeks ago for our Joy in Learning (weekly homeschooling co-op) day. They worked great and the kids love them. I'll let you know how they hold up. After packing lunches for Parker last school year, it is interesting to pack for all three one day a week. This week was a little more pre-packaged than I like, but they ate it all up.
 Parker's lunch: carrot sticks, leftover homemade pad thai, and Late July mini peanut butter crackers
 Parker's Launch Planet Box with star magnets
 Dema's Launch Planet Box lunch: Late July mini peanut butter crackers, carrot sticks with more nut butter for dipping, Sunshine Burger on whole wheat bun, Alive and Radiant cheezy chipotle kale chips, and Kopali chocolate covered mulberries
Josie's Rover Planet Box lunch: carrot sticks, cashews with dried cherries, baked tofu, chocolate covered mulberries, and a Just Great Stuff Cacao Acai bar.
The outside of Josie's Planet Box.

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