Saturday, September 22, 2012

Josie Turns Five

Earlier in September, our baby turned five years old. It doesn't seem possible. We officially have house full of big children. It is s cliche, but it has gone by so fast. It seems like not so long ago I was birthing Josie into a baby pool in our bedroom.
 We went really easy for this party since we'd just settled back in from our trip to NC for Rob's uncle's funeral and were getting ready for another trip to NC for our vacation. Josie wanted fruit for the food so we had grapes.
 Josie loves peanut butter filled pretzels as a special treat (thanks to Vicky and Greg for introducing them to her!) and we buy the Good Health brand.
 Josie's orchids from her 3rd birthday party*. They have been blooming for two years!
 Josie waiting for her guests to arrive.
 Baked samosas (from the freezer).
 Rob made a steady stream of kale and Daiya quesadillas. One of Josie's favorite finger foods.
 Some of the party girls.
 More fruit!
 This was the first year Josie's party wasn't at the park. It was too wet and rainy. Or so I thought. The kids all ended up out there anyway.
 What is more fun on your birthday than digging in the dirt?
 Josie getting ready to blow out her candles. Rob baked two of our favorite birthday cakes, Raspberry Frosted Cake with Chocolate Cream Center from Vive le Vegan. One of Josie and... 
 one for Josie's birthday buddy, Piper. Piper turned two on Josie's birthday. Piper wasn't sure what to do with the candles, but I think she had a great time playing with all the big kids.
Greg and Vicky got out the parachute for the kids to burn off some of the sugar from the cake. It was a lot of fun for Josie and we thank everyone for coming! After the party, it started to rain and storm a bit so those of us left dashed over to Erin and Brian's for post-party fun and I was able to avoid cleaning up for a while. A wonderful day for my ninja princess.

*Here are pictures from her 3rd birthday since I never blogged about it. On her actual 3rd birthday we were camping. This year on her 5th birthday we were in NC on our way to the beach. Thus, it takes me forever to blog about her parties.
 Presents from family and neighbors. She begged for the pink baby carrier for a while (I used to sell them in my business), but I held off until her birthday. She still uses it to carry her baby dolls. In fact, she still uses everything in this picture.
 Our neighbor, Margie, made this beautiful purse for Josie that is still her favorite accessory two years later.
 The party was outside, but we decorated inside just in case.
 Birthday flowers keeping the tablecloth down because it was really windy.
 Getting ready for her guests.
 Almost ready.
 One of Josie's besties and just a few months behind her in age, Teagan. She is eying the cake.
 Josie with her bowls of fruit, Rob's famous black bean tamales, chips, etc.
 The gang, many of the same faces who were at her fifth birthday party, except for several of our friends who have moved away. Miss them!
 Josie blowing out her three candles.
 Our awesome neighbors, Vicky and Greg, enjoying the yummy vegan cupcakes made by Loretta.
 Josie hitting the snowman pinata, filled with hair ties, pencils, toys, and a bit of candy.
 Parachute fun thanks to Vicky and Greg.
Josie opening up her presents.


KBH said...

Oh wow...We were thinking of Josie and Piper and wished that we could be there to celebrate. So funny seeing my very pregnant belly. Wini's second birthday is just a few weeks away. Miss you guys. Come visit us in Vancouver. The vegan sushi is amazing and super cheap. Worth the plane tickets.


VeganLinda said...

I love the pregnant belly pic! Give Wini 2nd birthday hugs from us in a couple weeks. We miss you guys and would love to visit you and Vancouver. Josie insists that we have to drink tea at your new place soon. I'm not sure where she got that idea.

KBH said...

Well, it is British Columbia!