Monday, August 20, 2012

Weddings, Dancing, and Food

We were honored to be invited to Eric and Mandy's wedding this past weekend, in Chicago. We first met Eric when we moved back to this part of the country about 13 years ago. He is the eldest son of our dear neighbor, Joann, from our old neighborhood. He must have been about Parker's age when we met him! Yes, I feel ancient now! Eric and Mandy visited us about a year ago when they first got engaged. We were blown away by their deep love and respect for each other, as well as how on top of the wedding plans they were. We were still writing out vows the night before our wedding. Not this couple, they already had most of the details worked out. I so admire that!
 Portobello and Sausage Burger with potato salad from Native Foods
Bistro Steak Sandwich from Native Foods
Originally, we had planned to make a romantic weekend of our time in Chicago, but everything conspired against us so we took the train up and we were back home within 24 hours. Despite it being a whirlwind trip, we had a fabulous time and have decided to try to get away more often. Thanks to my sister and her fiance for watching Persephone and the kids. The weather was beautiful so we walked to Native Foods (Loop location) to grab a bite to eat on the walk to the hotel. We always love Native Foods and wish for one to open up in our little college town. I promise it would do well!
 Rob and me heading down to the wedding. We started the evening sleep deprived since Friday night we had Thai on our sweet neighbors' (Jan, Andrew, and Anna) porch, played with their dogs, drank a beer, and watched the kids play before coming home to do laundry, dishes, pack, etc.
 Love the Palmer House. So elegant and historic.
 I love the "In Memory" section the couple added.  It brought tears to my eyes. Eric's father died while we were neighbors and it was so touching to see how they both included their loved ones who have passed away.
 It was hard to get good pictures of the wedding party, but the top one is Eric on the left, his mother Joann, and her other son, Kurt. It was great to see Joann again and she looked so happy and beautiful! I wish we had pictures of Joann on the dance floor later. She really knows how to party and was out there with us the entire night.
Speaking of beautiful, Mandy was the picture perfect bride on her father's arm. Doesn't she look so happy?! It was such a touching ceremony and I love seeing Eric with his soul mate. We couldn't be happier for them both and had so much fun sharing their special day!
Mandy is vegetarian and she was so thoughtful to ensure we enjoyed our vegan entree. It was delicious! Thanks to Mandy, Eric, and the Palmer House for the food. Lots of perfectly steamed broccoli, herbed polenta, portobello mushrooms with roasted veggies and greens on top. Yum!
 In lieu of wedding cake, we were served these luscious cupcakes. This one was the perfect amount of chocolate.
This one had some fruit in the middle and was even better than the chocolate. So unexpected and sweet to have dessert!
 Rob after several hours of dancing. The suit coat had to come off. We don't go dancing often and it was so nice to have several hours of dancing to an awesome band. My feet has blisters by the end of the night, but I didn't feel anything until after the music stopped.
 We had to get up bright and early to make the first train home on Sunday so we were happy the train has a vegan burger in the dining car. It is definitely no Native Foods, but it was edible.
Not gourmet, but it filled our tired bellies.


the sandwich life said...

you guys look gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

aw how fun! i love weddings:) and what a delicious looking meal! how thoughtful of her to have a vegan meal for you:)

VeganLinda said...

Thanks, Cynthia! We need to dress up more often. I forgot how fun it is. Rob bought a new suit for the wedding he officiated in California. I think he should wear it all the time. :-)