Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Last Sunday we had our first (hopefully, not the last) Davidson Park Movie Night. Jan and Andrew and their daughter Anna, our cool neighbors, had all the technical doodads to put a movie on outside. Legendary neighbor, Vicky, had an old monkey bar setup that works perfectly as a movie screen once a sheet is hung up. 
 All the kids got together at Jan and Andrew's house to pop popcorn (Parker introduced them to nutritional yeast) and they had the cool idea of putting it in little brown bags. You know, to get the real movie feel. Parker took care of popcorn refills and handing out Klean Kanteens with water or glasses of local apple cider.
 Anna's family checked with the park district so we knew our viewer limit and any other rules we needed to be aware of, Parker invited neighbors, and we all decided to watch Ratatouille since it is both family friendly and a great movie. As the sun set, we started the movie and eventually started snuggling under blankets because the temps dropped into fall weather temps, but that was fine. So much fun to be able to hang out with our wonderful neighbors and enjoy popcorn and movie in our park. We can't wait to do it again and hopefully have more friends/neighbors who can make it next time. The sun still goes down a little to late for some of the kids.
 Our Canadian neighbor friend, Tasha, hooked us up with these muesli morning rounds. It was the pre-homeschooling co-op power breakfast of choice for the kids. Tasha suggested peanut butter as a topping and the kids devoured them. I can't wait to buy more.
 Dema (3rd grade), Parker (7th grade), and Josie (Kindergarten) all ready for their first day of Joy in Learning (our new to us homeschooling co-op) this week. The co-op meets for a full day once a week and the families are so diverse and involved I know we will love the group. The kids had a great first day. I was a little stressed so I booked the zipcar (in the background) to make sure we arrived on time with all our stuff (all their backpacks were full and I had one for me as well since I'm teaching one of the classes) for the first day.
 Josie checking out different things in the microscopes at Joy in Learning. She thought this was the best part of her day.
Dema thought it was pretty cool as well. I think Life Science might be their favorite subject.

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