Friday, August 3, 2012

Heavy Cloud, No Rain

I feel like this is our theme song here in east central Illinois. We get clouds, but no rain. You know how people get depressed in the winter due to lack of sunlight? I'm getting this way because of lack of rain. It is unnerving. The crops (majority of the soy and corn grown around here is feed for animals that will then be eaten by is a daily reminder of the insanity of our food system) are failing in the fields. I feel guilty watering my garden and have pretty much left any plant that is not edible die off.
Persephone and Dema (surprisingly or not, Dema is the best with the dog and will miss her the most). The other two kids spend more time with Sephe feeding and walking her, but Dema just likes to be with her.

If the drought wasn't enough to get me down, the dog situation has just gotten worse. Persephone has shown enough aggressive behavior toward some humans and most dogs now that she can't be trusted. Poor girl has so many issues and living in a house where many non-family people of all ages come and go is too much for her. It is to the point where we really can't re-home her even. We are looking into animal sanctuaries. This route was suggested to her care-giver of the last 5 or 6 years, but we thought perhaps a change in situation might be helpful. We were wrong. She become extremely unpredictable and is more territorial than ever. We have tried to keep her from the windows (suggested by the animal behaviorist, but this is next to impossible in our old house with a window for almost every year it has been standing. She will even find people and dogs to bark at in the basement (a place that can't stand to be in, no matter how much we try to convince her it is fun). The barking isn't the problem, but apparently the more she barks and gets people to leave (we have a lot of people walking by), the more she is convinced of her need to protect the space. Then when people come into her territory, she doesn't look to us to see if they are friend or foe, she just attacks or doesn't depending on something we don't understand. Sometimes she'll be fine with a person (or so we thought) and the next she is snapping and snarling. I am so distraught about the situation. I feel like we've failed Sephe and the kids are so torn. They love her, but they have friends who are now scared to come to the house and two of Parker's friends have been hurt by her. We can't go on like this, but it breaks my heart to give up on her. Our animal behaviorist says we did the best we could, but Sephe has deep issues and we can't take the chance of someone getting seriously hurt. I hope we can find her a place at a sanctuary, but even that makes me sad. Clouds weighing heavily in my mind, clouds in the sky, but no rain.
Sigh, at least we've been swimming a lot during the drought and, of course, eating. We had Thai at our neighbor's pool the other evening . The next night I was still craving Thai so I made a curry served over quinoa. Rob is a new quinoa convert, but the kids still prefer rice most of the time. They ate this up though. The curry is whatever I had on hand - red onions, tempeh, tofu, carrots, peas, potatoes, soy milk, lots of red curry paste, coconut milk, amchur powder, tamari, and some leftover green curry sauce from a jar.

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wow that dinner looks outrageous! mmm!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry about everything going on with Persephone. I had hoped things would get better. I hope you are able to find a sanctuary for her. My heart goes out to you and your family. You can't feel like you failed her, you tried to give her another chance. Unfortunately she had a history of ingrained behaviors and she couldn't get past them, even with your help.