Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden Fresh Tomato Soup

 Hot soup is not usually what we crave in the summer, but tomatoes are taking over the garden so I'll make soup while they are ripe. I intended to freeze this dish for the fall/winter, but the kids said it smelled too good all day simmering on the stove that they couldn't wait.
 Cold steeped white tea with lemon* (what we drink if we aren't drinking hibiscus tea or water).
 Garden tomato soup. No it is not really soup weather, but Parker woke up wanting to make potato soup and I had tomatoes on the stove cooking down for sauce. Instead of sauce, I decided to make tomato soup. I threw a bunch of stuff onion, carrots, tahini sauce (garlic, lemon, tahini, olive oil), garlic, red miso, cashews, thyme, oregano, rosemary, tomato paste, peeled white potatoes, spicy black and green olives, red hot peppers, and za'atar. Thumbs up from the kiddos (Rob isn't working from home anymore so he will take some to work tomorrow).
 Organic cherries on sale this week at Common Ground Co-op. This is our fourth bag.
Pekara multi-grain bread with Galaxy cream cheese and more za'atar. We don't use cream cheese often, but this is our new favorite brand. I've tried other vegan cream cheeses and they all have a bit of an aftertaste or they are too strong. This one is smooth and lighter tasting.



Anonymous said...

Where can I get galaxy brand? Did you order it, or is it available here locally?

VeganLinda said...

We ordered it through our buying club which supplies Common Ground Co-op and Strawberry Fields. I'm guessing you might be able to get it from SF or you could ask Common Ground to carry it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll check with SF, but hope that it will become part of Common Ground's expanded line. CG is pretty responsive to member requests, though, so it won't hurt to ask.