Saturday, July 14, 2012

Parker's Hummus, BBQ Riblets, Vegan Meet-up, and Pool/Park Fun

 Parker insisted we needed hummus to go the zucchini in our refrigerator. He wanted to make it himself (without a recipe, of course) so I soaked some chickpeas and he helped cook them the next day. He threw a bunch of stuff in the food processor (chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, carrots, peppers, lemon juice, paprika and I don't know what else) then he plated it and took pictures. I didn't even get to taste it, the kids ate it so fast.
 I mentioned the Gardein BBQ Riblets before and here they are in a bun. The kids love them for a quick meal.
 We had another vegan meet-up at our park Friday evening. I love how so many people brought dishes made with plants from their garden, the farmer's market, local CSAs, friends' gardens, etc. This simple, but delicious zucchini and corn dish was one of my favorites.
 Can't go wrong with potatoes from the garden.
 I believe this was a red bean dip.
 Pasta salad with baked tofu that Melissa said she used celery salt instead of celery seed, but it tasted great to me.
 Peanut Butter Blondies which got the thumbs up from all the kids (and I'm sure the adults as well).
 Charity and Derek brought her kiddos (my kids were so happy) and this delicious tofu fried rice. This was Josie's favorite.
 Here is my plate with Rob's Chana Masala served over brown rice, chapati, and mini samosa.
 Potato salad loaded with onions, yum!
Robin's cookies that disappeared too quickly for me to try one, but the kids promise they were excellent. We had a lot of new faces for a small Friday potluck. It was so nice getting to know everyone.
 Josie at Vicky and Greg's pool with the flippers be bought for Parker years ago.
 She loves the flippers and can swim "super fast" with them on.
 Dema hanging around at the park. Vicky made these cool rings and she puts them up once in a while at the park. He looks like a bat to me.
Dema loves them.

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