Saturday, July 21, 2012

Old Friends and New Low

 I'm tired of waiting for cooler weather. We just have to cook. Galicky kale with Rob's tofu and my mashed potatoes with Rob's gravy. I love how easily we cook together.  I come up with the meal plan and he is happy to help execute said plan since the heat bothers me more than it dow him.
 My friend since middle school, Julia (red dress - sexy and silly), was in town with her adorable and funny husband, Kyle (far left). So we had to go out for a couple drinks and too much crazy conversation. Jason (far right) also went to school with us and is hilarious - so much fun to hang out with. Great to see them all.
 Monique, my lovely friend since Parker was little, was sweet enough to come back downtown to meet up with us. I've been trying to connect Monique and Julia for a while and I'm so glad they finally were in the same place at the same time. Thanks to Destihl for having very friendly serving staff, one with a beautiful daughter around Josie's age and one that made my night by carding me and looking surprised when he did the math all the way up to my 40 long years of life. The Hawaii Five-Ale (brewed with five different fruits) made me feel better about consuming more glasses than I dare mention...I mean it had fruit in it how bad could it be?
My first official tomato sandwich of the summer. Heirloom tomato from the farmer's market (not from our far we just have sauce tomatoes in which I've been making into...well, sauce), avocado, Pekara rye bread, and Chipotle Vegenaise (I could drink this stuff).

I used to look to The Continuum Concept for a guide to parenting and one of the reasons my eldest is so well adjusted. Twelve and a half years after becoming a parent I have sunk to a new parenting low. Today I used A Game of Thrones for a important life lesson for my kids and Rob had my back. Some things get better with age...we, obviously, don't.


Cadry said...

That tofu looks delicious! Actually adding up the years and then looking astonished must be the best carding reaction ever. I haven't tried the Chipotle Vegenaise yet, but the horseradish sauce is wonderful.

I wanted to let you know that I gave you a One Lovely Blog Award on my blog. :)

Katie said...

Thanks for the C-U tips! Sadly I never have a reason to go there, so I don't, which is sad because I like it! But i'll check out Common Grounds the next time I go to a show. Thanks!