Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Persephone?

Our weekend was made even better with a visit from Loretta and her family, a 6th birthday party for our friend Maya, and hanging out with everyone at Brian and Erin's Saturday evening. Unfortunately, I have a lot on my mind with our Persephone situation. I mentioned when we took her in that she has some aggression with other dogs. We had our doubts that living next to a very dog friendly park was a good fit for her. Well, she is a great dog in many ways and we were happy to work with her on her issues. Now after having her for a month. We can see that we have more than our work cut out for us. She is not used to the busy house and life we have...lots of people coming and going, lots of friends stopping by with and without dogs, etc. We are at a loss of what to do. We are worried that instead of getting more socialized, she is actually getting less predictable. We are not sure what we can do. Anyone with suggestions, please let us know. We've had a dog specialist come over and work with us, but it is hard to give her consistency when their are five people in the house giving her directions and Persephone is getting more territorial as she settles into her life with us. This has brought up more issues. Sigh. It is really weighing heavily on my mind. Here are some of the fun highlights from our weekend.
Kieran and Dema excited to eat Thai food at Thara Thai.
Teagan and Josie enjoying their pad thai.
My yellow curry with broccoli.
Parker woke up one day wanting to make a pina colada (not realizing they are usually made with rum). The next time we were shopping at the co-op, he picked out a pineapple. We finally cut it up on Friday and he put the pineapple, shredded coconut, banana, soy milk, and ice in the Vitamix for his take on a pina colada. He wanted to make it for Loretta and her family, but we weren't sure if the pineapple was too ripe. We all enjoyed it and we should have waited for our guests. Next time we'll trust Parker to make something yummy for them.
Rob woke up before I did on Saturday morning and made scrambled tofu with the tomato sauce I made Friday with tomatoes from our garden. Rob also added some green olives so it turned into Puttanesca Tofu Scramble. Grits with hot sauce and some of the best organic strawberries from co-op completed our breakfast.
Loretta helping Teagan get started on Josie's bike. Teagan has been using one of our balance bikes up in Evanston for a while so transitioning to a pedal bike is no big deal.
Another child learns to ride on the Tiger bike. We've had two of our kids and several friends' kids learn on this beat-up orange bike.
Parker found and photography this cicada at his "imagining tree" (his place to be alone and daydream) at the park.

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