Thursday, July 5, 2012

Casual Cooking, Collars, Cookies, and Coconuts

 The only thing I can manage to cook with the temps in the kitchen about 90 or so. Whole wheat pasta, homemade tomato sauce, sweet peas, white beans, kalamata olives, walnuts, and a bit of Lisanatti vegan cheeze.
 Persephone and her new Gentle Leader. The dog behaviorist wants her to get used to it before she comes to work with us next week. Actually, Sephe was fine with it. I don't think she loves it, but she didn't seem to mind at all. She was already pretty good on walks, but this is supposed to help if she gets aggressive to other dogs. So far, walks (we do four a day) are pretty stress free. I don't walk directly past dogs in yards or on leashes, but we can pass across the street or stay a couple houses ahead or behind without stress. She stopped tugging on walks before we started using the Gentle Leader.
 Our tween neighbor, Anna, invited Josie over to bake cookies today. I sent some vegan chocolate chips, flax seeds, and a vegan cookie recipe (Vegan Diner) with her. She spent the entire afternoon hanging with Anna - Josie was in heaven! The cookies were quite good (Parker ate most of them) and colorful.
Dema reads most week days with our sweet neighbor, Margie. This week they were reading a book that talked about coconuts. She bought a coconut and some bottled coconut water for Dema. The kids enjoyed the coconut water from from the coconut and the coconut meat. Rob had fun figuring out how to crack it open.


Cadry said...

I like it that you sent Dema along with any ingredients that the tween might not have at her house. Assuming the tween is not vegan, now she's been introduced to another way of baking! Which cookie recipe did they make from Vegan Diner?

It's not easy breaking open that kind of coconut! I've only been entirely successful breaking open the young Thai coconuts, and even then I'd be better served with a larger, more impressive knife! :)

VeganLinda said...

Cadry, Yes the tween isn't vegan, but she was happy to make vegan cookies with Josie. I wasn't sure which cookies they were going to make so I made sure they had ingredients for anything, but they make the Chocolate Chip ones from Vegan Diner.

Rob used a screw and a mallet, I believe. It was fun, but a lot of work for something so small.