Monday, July 16, 2012

40th Birthday Party and Peanut Tahini Sauce

We went to a friend's surprise 40th birthday party this weekend. His wife throws the best parties and it really did end up being a surprise. It was a beautiful day to celebrate a party and play outside on the trampoline and hula hoop.
The highlight for the kids was the zip line they set up in their spacious back yard.

 It looked like so much fun, I almost tried it. Josie said it was terrifying and wonderful at the same time and she went on the zip line again and again. We need on of these at our park. 
Last night I made Peanut Tahini Sauce from Let Them Eat Vegan!. We make peanut sauce quite often and tahini sauce at least once a week, but I never think to put them together. I used molasses instead of maple syrup or agave because molasses actually has some nutrients and I use a bit less. I served it with whole wheat pasta shells, seared tofu, broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet peas. I also added some red pepper flakes and gomasio as toppings. Then I thought, this sauce would be perfect for my Ginger-Amalki Mix and it was wonderful. While the sauce might not be enough of a zing for some people it is a great jumping off point and easy to make your own with a little something here or there. I can't wait to make more recipe from LTEV.

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how fun! i love surprise parties! and what a cool zip line:)