Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Advertising Works

We don't own a TV and my husband used to work at Yahoo! so I pretty much ignore all internet ads. I buy mostly used clothes or get hand-me-downs from friends. I'm an advertisers nightmare, but once in a while something catches my eye. This time it was our local health food store posting a picture on Facebook. A picture of pb and j cupcakes. I was taken in. I only shop at Strawberry Fields about once every couple of months and then it is usually to stock up on sandwich bread (it freezes beautifully). Our favorite is the veggie seed bread with whole grains, zucchini, carrots, seeds, etc. so it isn't the easiest bread for me to make at home. This time I didn't just buy the bread, I bought the kids the cupcakes too. They proclaimed them delicious, of course.
I also grabbed some new to me bars that were on sale. Good Greens Bars look pretty darn good from the nutrition standpoint, they are made with organic ingredients, raw, full of whole foods...but how do they taste. OMG, these bars are two thumbs way up! I tried the chocolate peanut butter and it was better than any candy bar (vegan or no) I've ever had. Parker took the chocolate raspberry (20% off right now on their website) to College for Kids to eat as a snack and declared it his favorite bar. Dema gobbled up the Wildberry and asked if we could buy a case. I was saving the chocolate coconut for Josie, but Parker asked if I could sneak it in his snack bag tomorrow and buy more. My only complaint is the inclusion of spirulina as an ingredient.

Sigh, so I won't be buying more until they get the spirulina out. I'd also like to know more about Hydrilla Verticillata (listed as an ingredient). Too bad because these babies taste great and could be a nice easy snack for the kids when they are on the go.


Anonymous said...

those bars sound great! too bad about the spirullina -- bummer

Karine Fontaine said...

How is Spirulina bad in those bars? Hmmm I did not know that it was a bad thing to add it on????!!

VeganLinda said...

Karine, There is some evidence that spirulina is harmful so we try to avoid it. If you check out the video I posted or you can go to