Saturday, June 23, 2012

Solstice Sushi

We never make sushi. I don't know why, but we don't. Well, I guess I should say we didn't. This summer solstice was a hot one and Josie had been begging for sushi for weeks, but I hate forking out the money for my bottomless pit children to eat vegan sushi out. So...
 Dema happy with the first sushi roll (Rob didn't have his technique down yet so it fell apart, Dema didn't mind) brown rice, cucumber and carrot.
 Rob (a novice himself at sushi rolling) is showing Parker how to do it.
 Goofy Parker showing off his work.
 The guys perfecting their sushi.
 Josie's brown rice cucumber, avocado, and carrot sushi in front of her new bamboo plant.
Josie so happy to be eating homemade vegan sushi!
Before rolling. This was really simple, doesn't heat up the kitchen (we just made brown rice in the pressure cooker), not too heavy but very satisfying, and the kids love it. Sushi shall be our go-to summer meal. We can't wait to experiment with other fillings. I think the new horseradish Vegenaise (haven't tried it yet) would be great in sushi. What is your favorite vegan sushi?


KBH said...

Green bell pepper, green beans, asperagus! said...

looks so delicious! i love that pic of Parker! I can feel his enthusiasm through the pic!! haha