Friday, June 15, 2012

Say Yes to Gnocchi

Chloe's Kitchen is due back at the library today. I am happy that I can't renew it because someone out there requested it from the library. Sad day for me since I can't make anything else from this cute cookbook in a while (might have to buy it), but so glad veganism (or at least vegan cooking) is gaining popularity locally.
Before I let Chloe go. I have to show you the Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter I made from this cookbook. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I prefer sweet potatoes over white potatoes for many reasons (most of them nutrition related,  but it is also taste preference). I've always wanted to make my own gnocchi, but too afraid to attempt it, especially since the kids are not gnocchi fans (what is up with that?). Chloe included step by step pictures which make me say, "I think I can". So one busy day a couple weeks ago, I did it. Not only did I make sweet potato gnocchi (which isn't hard at all - get out the apron though because it is a bit messy), but I doubled the recipe and then got all nuts. I skipped the Sage Butter because I didn't have any fresh sage and opened up Spork-Fed (also on loan from the library) and made the roasted shallot cream sauce they have with their white potato gnocchi. It was good, loved both the sauce and the gnocchi, but I have to admit the sauce is too sweet really to serve with sweet potato so I won't pair them together again. I can't wait to make the sweet potato gnocchi and the kids will learn to love it. I used white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose and it worked out fine. I also made some steamed veggie and Vegan Diner's Chicken Style Seitan Loaf to complete our meal.
Here is a slightly better picture of the gnocchi. Speaking of pictures, both Spork-Fed and Chloe's Kitchen have lovely pictures and lots of them. You can't go wrong checking these cookbooks out. They may not have the healthiest recipes (not junk food, but not low-fat by any means), but they are definitely crowd pleasers for veg*ns and carnists alike.

3 comments: said...

wow...that gnocchi looks AMAZING! I have been craving gnocchi lately, and i don't even know why! i've only had it once when I was like 7! haha...i think i want the challenge:) thanks for sharing!

Cadry said...

Good job on the gnocchi! I agree that it's a lot less complicated than it seems at first. Although, it's hard to beat the ease of the packaged variety. I know what you mean about family members not being onboard with gnocchi. It was only after I learned about making roasted gnocchi that my husband learned to love them. I haven't seen Chloe's cookbook yet, but the pictures in Spork Fed are just beautiful. Pictures make such a difference in a cookbook.

KBH said...

I have a sage plant for you!