Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Meet-up

We hosted this month's vegan meet-up at "our park". Lots of fun, lots of great food, a little too much of Chase's homemade cherry beer (just me), catching up with the old-timers, and getting to know some newbies.
 I asked Rob to make Nachos with a Melty Cashew Cheese, Lemon Herb Sour Cream and Guacamole from Spork-Fed. He doubled the recipe, but the cashew cheese was enough before doubling so if you make these keep in mind that you will have extra cashew cheese. He also used agar powder instead of flakes because we don't have any and halved the amount, but it was still VERY stiff. You might even be able to omit it. We'll let you know as we play around with the recipe.
 Rachel made her "famous in our house" Samosa Potato Salad. I love her idea of using sissors to cut up the cilantro.
 Joy made Stuffed Mushrooms that were so good I was craving them again today.
 Melissa and her granddaughter made this marvelous Carrot Slaw.
 She also made this Chocolate Mint Pie that Parker raved about, but I didn't try it. I must get the recipe and make it soon. It looked great.
 Amelia made Zucchini Herb Biscuits that I couldn't get enough of and Parker's (non-veg) friend gave a thumbs up.
 I don't know who made this beautiful fruit salad, but it was perfect.
 Cajun Red Beans and Rice (again, I'm sorry I don't remember who brought this, but it was great).
 Meat-free Mike made BBQ Tofu and Josie was so smitten she had to go over and tell Mike several times how much she liked it.
 No vegan meet-up is complete without hummus and this was pretty as well as tasty.
 Our new veg neighbors, Katie and Wade, brought some fabulous tofu. We are so excited to have them in the 'hood and hopefully they will make it to more meet-ups.
 Our vegan neighbors across the park, Angela and Daniel, made tabouli, but it didn't triple well so they quickly saved the day and won Dema's heart with this quick cookies.
 Here is my first plate. More food came later, but I couldn't find my camera at that point and I was too busy drinking cherry beer and chatting. So glad everyone made it and it didn't rain (a couple sprinkles). It was great to have Parker's friend, Forest, over for the day and he and his dad stayed at the meet-up for a bit.
 We hung out with the veg*ns until well after dark and Josie pretty much crashed as soon as she came in the door. All the kids said they had a great time and can't wait to have another meet-up!
 The kids wanted more nachos today for lunch so Rob assembled more.
I love that these are made without any packaged vegan cheese. I'm usually the one keeping chips out of the house, but I think we'll have fun playing around with nachos this summer.

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wow that is quiet the plate of nachos! SO delicious!! and what a fun meet up! the food looks fabulous! especially that BBQ tofu! mmm!