Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If It Is Not Okay, It Is Not The End

One of our new glass straws from Simply Straws and Vegan Cuts. I love the bendy straws for hibiscus tea  (shown here) or iced coffee. I prefer our straight straws from Glass Dharma for smoothies (easier to clean the smoothie gunk out and easier sipping).
A quick date night meal that the kids loved. I am embarrassed to even blog this meal because it is so simple, but some nights that is what is needed. I heated up leftover brown rice, steamed a mixture of veggies (and threw in a few that were leftover), fried up some Annie Chun's spicy wontons, added it all together with a little tamari and a little Cuban MoJo (it has been in the refrigerator for a long time and I use a bit here and there) and topped with roasted cashews. The kids dug in while Rob and I snuck out for a bit.

Monday night Rob and I walked downtown to The Art Theater (soon to be a co-op, we hope!) to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Oh my! What a delight! I love all the actors. Bill Nighy won my heart in Love Actually. Judi Dench has been a favorite of mine since Mrs. Brown, no wait I first remember liking her in As Time Goes By. Maggie Smith is so amazing. I think I first liked her in Hook (I realize I might be the only person to like this movie so much that I owned it) or maybe David Copperfield. Tom Wilkinson seems like he's always been around, but I think I first noticed him in The Full Monty. Rob and I knew we had to see a movie with so many of our long-term favorite actors, but with the setting in India we were sold. You can almost taste the cumin while watching this film.

Delightful movie with so many different plots, but they all come together just perfectly. Sexuality and/or love (since the two are linked) is dealt with on several levels; long-term marriage, new love for those in their twilight years, homosexuality, and young love. Oh and the love parents have for their children. Racism and/or classism (since the two are hard to separate) is covered with sweet honesty. Aging is a theme, of course, but not as it was in Cocoon. Instead the theme is more one that is close to my heart, "learning all the time". We are never too old to grow. Of course, the line that is repeated in the movie is also repeated around our house, "If it is not okay, it is not the end."

It is a treat to have such wonderful actors all in one beautiful movie. The two dames only have one scene together where they really interact and it is near the end, but so well shot and the dialog timing will make Downton Abbey fans smile. Please see this movie and tell me what you think.

3 comments: said...

sometimes simple recipes are the best recipes:) thanks for sharing! and cool straws!!

Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

The food looks great, and thanks for the movie recommendation. I love those actors too. Also, I was a big fan of "Hook". My son was young around that time, so we watched it a lot. The writing was wonderful:

"I've just had an apostrophe!"

"I think you mean 'an epiphany',"

"Lightening's just struck my brain!"

"That must hurt . . ."

Again, great actors. Thanks for sharing.

VeganLinda said...


Yay! I'm not the only Hook fan! :-)