Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Food is Easy Peasy

One of the first recipes I made from Chloe's Kitchen was her Easy Peasy Pasta Salad. I could tell from the ingredients the sauce was going to be fab and I was right. Don't just make this for pasta. Double the recipe and put it on anything that doesn't move. Heck put it in a vat and swim in it...wait no that would be wasteful, just make a lot and eat it with a spoon. It is that good.
Of course I didn't make the recipe as written (see link above or here for the recipe or go out and buy her cookbook). I used a sweet potato instead of a white potato and I think that is the best choice for flavor as well as nutrition. I threw in more garlic, used horse radish mustard instead of regular Dijon, cut the olive oil down to 1/3 cup (I used the some water from steaming veggies to make up the liquid content), and reduced the salt a bit. I then served it over brown rice, peas, and seitan (Vegan Diner's Chicken Style Seitan Loaf). Orange slices and dried peaches* on the side. When I took Rob's lunch up to him in his office, he was a little skeptical. He was expecting a nooch based sauce. The zing of this sauce perked him right up and had him coming downstairs for seconds.
I the easy peasy sauce with whole wheat pasta shells (sorry about the picture!) and asparagus and more peas. We were hungry and I wasn't going to take a picture, but it was too good not to mention.
Later in the week Rob made a clean out the refrigerator stir fry that was delicious. As usual one can't go wrong with brown rice and a bunch of veggies, mushrooms, and a bit of tofu.
The next day I turned the stir fry into quesadillas with a little help from Daiya cheese (to keep it together), avocado, and the easy peasy sauce. The kids ate their weight in these quesadillas and some liked the sauce in inside while other kids liked it on the side for dipping. Scrumptious! I used the sauce for so many other things like a spread on sandwiches instead of mustard or mayo and thinned out for a salad dressing before I finally broke down and just ate the last bit with a spoon.

*A friend in our food buying club ordered dried peaches last month and I thought I'd give them a try. They are so good! They look like mushrooms or something in this picture, but they taste much better than they look. All the peachy goodness without the sticky hands and chin. These little wonders are packed with vitamin A, iron, potassium and some vitamin C and protein.


Anonymous said...

those quesadillas look amazing! as do all your meals...but i've really been craving quesadillas and those look like they'd hit the spot! yum!

C├ęcile said...

Everything looks delicious as always! This is my first comment on your blog, i just wanted to let you know that i find you and your family very inspiring.
Your kids looks happy, healthy and bright. I admire the way you and your husband let them express their personalities and make them conscious about the world around them.
I'm 29 and don't have any kids yet but i'm hoping that in 10 years I'll have a family just like yours!

ps: i hope there is not too many english mistakes, i am a french speaker ;-)

VeganLinda said...


Aw! How sweet and your English is wonderful. This parenting gig is harder and more fun than I ever expected and just when I think we have all the answers the kids prove me wrong. I had my eldest when I was about your age and it seems like just yesterday. Thanks for reading and commenting!

VeganLinda said...


We are somewhat new to quesadillas, but now we are obsessed. Just like wraps they can have anything in them and they are so fun to eat!

Eileen Likes To Eat said...

I am doing a cookbook challenge to cook every recipe from Chloe's Kitchen.
Hope you don't mind that I added your post to my blog page under "Others who made it".