Friday, June 29, 2012

Beat the Heat Eats

Our refrigerator is on its last legs. Don't get me started about appliances and how they don't last anymore. I feel like an old curmudgeon, but it is true. My parents had a refrigerator that lasted at least 25 years and ours is maybe 7 or 8 years old. We went to buy a new one and just couldn't do it so I'm trying everything to get this one to last a bit longer, even with the first major heat wave of the summer settling in for a while (85 degrees in the house and this is the morning). So I'm cleaning out the freezer and refrigerator a bit to make things easier to access and more room for a bag of ice which seems to be helping the freezer keep things cool (our popsicles were mushy). 
 It isn't all bad news because some of the best meals are made from cleaning everything out. Lunch was Soy Boy Verde Ravioli with a sauce starting with the cashew cheese from the Nachos with a Melty Cashew Cheese and then adding some leftover homemade tomato sauce and two kinds of salsa (you know the four of a jar that hides in the back of the refrigerator) one hot and one fruity. My kids are not huge ravioli fans, just like the aren't big into gnocchi...texture maybe? I this this ravioli is about as good as frozen ravioli can get. It really is tasty all on its own with just a hint of spice and perfectly filled with tofu and other good things. This time Josie asked if she could have this dish for breakfast this morning. I didn't have any more, but I served the sauce with whole wheat gobetti and peas to make her happy. Rob also loved the sauce, but too bad I'll never really be able to recreate it, but that is the beauty of clean out the frige meals.
 Our friends Maya and Kobe came over for 15 minutes yesterday. While their mom and I chatted before we both had to rush off, Kobe discovered some awesome insects in our garden and Maya gave Josie a complete makeover. Josie rarely even lets me comb her hair and in a few minutes Maya had done all this. Maya is maybe ten? Friends' kids are always getting older, but it is hard for me not to remember them as the age they were when we first met.
Josie enjoyed it so much. It is amazing to me how she will sit still for others and totally fight me. She's right though. Maya does a much better job with her hair.
 So the heat wouldn't get the best of us, Vicky and Greg invited the neighborhood over to swim. Josie is getting so close to actually swimming! She just doesn't have the breathing down yet, but she'll probably be there by the end of the summer.
 I think Parker should try out for a swim team. He loves to race with his friends and I think he would really enjoy it, but he's not convinced.
 I don't know how Dema talks his friends into carrying him around like this, but Jair said it was totally cool.
 We ordered delivery from Let's Take a Seat. I've been wanting to try this newish Thai place and the heat made for a perfect excuse. We all ate on Vicky and Greg's porch and then jumped back in the pool. Josie's favorite was the edamame. 
 Let's Take a Seat Veggie Delight
 Let's Take a Seat Pad Thai with no egg and veggies/tofu (you can order either veggies or tofu, but we paid a bit extra to have both).
 Mock Duck Curry from Let's Take a Seat...this is jus the "duck" part, but I didn't get a picture of the sauce and veggies that go with it.
 Bathing Lakshman from Let's Take a Seat (veggies and rice noodles with peanut sauce)
Crispy Tofu from Let's Take a Seat

Verdict? It is hard to beat our favorite Thai place in town Thara Thai, but the food was good (a little too sweet and not spicy enough, but we ordered no spice so everyone could share...Rob did get a spicy green curry that he thought was good). They were very late with the delivery and offered to take some money off, but we were fine. They also didn't deliver one dish and I called them a couple hours later after we were done swimming and they were super sweet about it. They even called me back to ask how we liked the food and let me know when my credit card would be credited. They have about ten items on their vegetarian menu and others can be made veg so I appreciate that and they seem to value feedback. I would eat there again, but my heart still belongs to Thara Thai.

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