Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Potato Spinach Curry over Tamarind Quinoa with Broiled Blackened Tofu

One of the awesome things about living across the park from a vegan couple is begging some eats from them when they dare dine on their porch. Okay, we didn't beg, but Josie and I did unintentionally time our hellos while they were eating Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos and Angela was sweet enough to offer us one. I didn't get a picture because Josie devoured it (after we all took little bites and gave a bit to Josie's friend at the park). Thumbs up, can't wait to buy some jackfruit!
Our real dinner was just as delicious, but not as big of a hit with Josie. Tamarind Quinoa, Potato Spinach Curry, and Broiled Blackened Tofu - all from Appetite for Reduction. I used sprouted quinoa trio (our new favorite quinoa) and sweet potatoes (orange and white) instead of white potatoes in the curry).
Each dish on its own was very good, but together the flavors were so complex I was completely in love. Rob wished the curry was a little drier (which would have helped for the picture), but we both thought it was great. Sometimes I make dishes from a cookbook and think, "I could have thought of that." Not a bad thought, but this meal was completely something I never would have created. Sure the curry was something I would do, but combined with the blackened tofu and especially the tamarind quinoa - never in a million years. So glad Isa is out there coming up with this stuff!

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