Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pizza on the Porch

Temps are rising into summer temps so last night was our first official "dinner on the porch" of the season. It isn't even June yet, but the porch has already become our refuge from the heat of the house.
Parker had his last full day of sixth grade (and possibly public school....he is still waffling about going back to public or homeschooling next year). I understand his conundrum, Rob and I have some big decisions to make as well. It is hard when you like two things and see the pros and cons to both. He's an awesome person and does well not matter what he does and I'm sure he'll be happy no matter what he decides.

We had Josie's friends Amara and Indigo over yesterday so lots of scootering around the park, playing princess, taking a bath in their bathing suits, building forts...oh and eating. They have so much fun together it is hard to stop and really eat, but I put out lots of snacks and they end up eating it all. This is typically of summer fare for lunch as the kids are busier and it is too hot to cook much. Whole wheat shells with peas and tahini sauce (I added some Gardein Turk'y Cutlet I had in the freezer because the kids don't like the gravy it comes with, I just add them to salads or to round out a meal), pears, frozen mangoes, and a salad (Amara and Indi brought over some salad greens from their garden so they all enjoyed the salad so quickly I didn't get a pick, but they added whatever Josie likes which is pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, and pomegranate dressing). They always have a snack of cashews, golden raisins, and dried figs when they are playing.

We promised Parker homemade pizza in celebration of summer break starting (they have to go into school for one hour on Tuesday, but we'll forget that for the moment). We thawed out pizza dough from the co-op, I made the sauce and cut up fixings (carrots, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, pineapples, kalamata olives, Daiya), and Rob put it all together. The kids took a quick break from playing at the park to devour two pizzas and then back to playing. Vicky had all the park peeps over for a quick dip in her pool before coming home to family movie night (Zorro). A great start to the summer break!

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what a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer!! that pizza looks delicious! thanks for sharing!