Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh My, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Looky what our friend/neighbor Gita brought over today:
A homemade strawberry rhubarb faaavorite! Nom, nom, nom...delish! Yet another reason we love our 'hood and especially being friends with Gita. Dema says if Gita and Seth ever decide not to be married anymore, he's available.

We've been swimming all weekend in our neighbor's, Vicky and Greg, pool with lots of other neighbor friends.Vicky and I even started out the morning doing some yoga by her pool which was the perfect way to beat the 90's heat (it is 84 in my house right now downstairs, don't want to think about what the temp really is upstairs). Yoga is so much better outdoors. It helps that the humidity is pretty low for Illinois standards so the heat isn't killing me, but then I think about the fact that this is May not July or August and I get a little scared what the summer has to offer us.
One upside is simple satisfying meals. Our normal (and favorite) meal or brown rice, tofu, and kale with tahini sauce was quinoa, tofu, and kale with Gita inspired lime sauce*. Everyone loved the quinoa instead of rice so this will be our go-to meal this summer. It helps that this meal comes together in minutes because our weekend completely filled up with Parker getting together with friends who are moving and some he is reconnecting with again. Lots of running from one thing to another. Just the way I like my weekends, but Rob needs another weekend to recover. Good thing we all have tomorrow off (sort of).

*Gita made this awesome cilantro lime sauce for our tacos on Cinco de Mayo. Rob has been talking about it ever since and finally tried his hand at it. This is Gita's recipe: "The green sauce was just equal parts veggie mayo and tofutti sour cream blended with lots of cilantro and salt and lime to taste."

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Anonymous said...

ooh a lime sauce! yum! and that pie looks outstanding! thanks for sharing!