Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Miscellany

 The first strawberry of the season. Josie said it was the best strawberry ever.
 Parker and Josie loving on Linh (our friends, Todd and Katherine's new baby daughter). We were thrilled Todd brought Linh and her big brother Tai down from Chicago this weekend so we could get our baby fix. Josie wanted to keep her.
 A friendly butterfly who kept landing on Rob for a good 10 minutes or so.
Maybe the butterfly likes his new Kindle.
Josie hanging out on the porch "chatting" on her "cell phone" to a friend of Parker's from school. She has recently decided she is in love with this friend and would like to date him, then marry him. It sort of scares me to think of her teen years when she spent a good half hour on a phone that doesn't work having an imaginary conversation with a boy seven year older than her. Parker is already filling the role of protective big brother and has deemed the romance impossible. The positive to all this craziness is the homeschooling math work she does to figure out how old her crush will be when she is x old.


Susan K. said...

Your Josie is just so dang cute! Your pictures of her are adorable. She always looks so huggable (and fashionable too! loved the raincoat pic. :-)

Hope to see you at a house concert sometime...

Patience said...

Tee hee, that bit about your daughter gave me a good chuckle this morning :-) -- sounds like quite the personality chock-full in that wee form. Here's hoping I'm privileged to meet her one day, and your middler too, as it was a pleasure meeting you and your eldest yesterday.... :-)


VeganLinda said...

Thanks Susan! We have been so busy lately we've missed out on all the house concert fun. Need to make the next one.

Patience, She is a chock-full of something. :-) It was great to meet you and I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. Let me know if you decide to teach art classes.