Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kick the Can

Last night we had plans to play kick the can at the park with one of our neighbors. Their version of this classic game needs to be played after dark so it is easier for older kids to hide. I knew dinner had to be early and filling so we didn't have a couple really fussy kids to take to bed at the end of the night. As usual, I didn't even think about what to make for dinner until after 5pm and the clock was ticking. Once families show up at our park, it is impossible to keep Josie focused on dinner. One of the few drawbacks to a dining room which looks out to our neighborhood park, but I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Quick-Fix Vegan was my inspiration yet again. I had half a can of coconut milk leftover from earlier in the week. Primavera-Style Coconut-Cashew Noodles*, spicy vegetable mini wontons, and frozen dark sweet cherries all came together for a quick satisfying meal. Everyone ate seconds (or thirds) before heading out to the park for hours of fun with kids from toddlers to twelve year olds. We should play kick the can more often, Josie fell asleep so easily!

*I didn't have cashew butter so I used raw cashews and blended them together with the rest of the sauce ingredients. I didn't have any basil in my garden yet so I left that out, but I'm sure it would be so much better with basil. I used carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower for the veggies, added roasted cashews and gomasio to the finished dish, and lightly fried tofu. I found some sriracha online that doesn't have the preservatives the ones I found locally do.

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