Friday, May 4, 2012

Aroma Curry House

Checked out a newish Indian place the other day. We were the only customers at the time so I took a few iphone pics, but it was dark so remember the food looks better than this.
 Parker and Dema at Aroma Curry House
 Samosa, good, but we had better at J.D. Mills in Evanston (can't wait to go back for some!)
 Aloo Bonda, much better than the samosa, Parker wanted to buy extras for his lunch
 Vegetable Biryani, much more appetizing than the picture
Masala Dosa
Overall the food was good and not to greasy and the staff was very helpful ensuring everything was vegan, but as with any restaurant, check for yourself. Rob ordered an uthappam, but was a bit disappointed with it (he prefers greasy Indian food if we are eating out and judges a place pretty harshly if he doesn't like their sambar). The boys enjoyed their masala dosas. I had the Hyderabad Spicy Dosa and loved it. We'll be back for the dosas!

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