Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Hot?

I mentioned that our weekend was fun filled. Sunday included going to see The Lorax in 3-D with our fantastically fun neighbor friends, Vicky and Greg. We all went out for Thai after (lunch since the movie was in the morning) and that evening Vicky made a fire and we roasted vegan hot dogs and marshmallows on her perfect fire while chatting with all the neighbors. The weather has great for fires at night, but warm to hot in the day. It is like we live in California, but without the ocean or mountains.
(picture from the Field Roast website)
In preparation for neighborhood fire season, we stocked up on some hot dogs. When we saw Field Roast now has hot dogs, we had to buy them from our local co-op. I've always said hot dogs are really not tasty themselves it is all about what you top them with, vegan - non-vegan - it doesn't make a difference in taste if you've got some good mustard, relish, ketchup, etc. Even I have to admit, some vegan hot dogs have a tofu-ish texture. Not bad for those of us who like tofu, but not for everyone. Then cooking some vegan hot dogs over a fire can produce a bubbled up effect that is not entirely appetizing. With Field Roast Frankfurters limp puffy wieners are a thing of the past. Their texture is better than any hot dog I've eaten (even in my pregan days - none of those little white gristle like flecks here and there, yes please think about what that is in meat hot dogs) and the taste is good enough to eat naked, but not overpowering if you want to pile on the condiments (we topped ours with some leftover shredded horse radish as well as the typical fixings). Even Greg had no complaints about the one he tried. Josie's six year old neighbor friend had two (one she stole from me so I only got a bite, but that was enough to know these hot dogs are different). We are not huge hot dog fans, but we are going to stock up on these puppies and keep them stashed for neighborhood cookouts and camping. Get 'em while they're hot!

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Barb@ThatWasVegan said...

I haven't seen those yet- I'll have to try them when I do!