Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Kumquat Turns Eight Today

Dema with his new electric guitar in his favorite color (orange). Happy Birthday!
My middle child turned eight today. Our first child was our sucker child. The child that is so easy he/she sucks you in, makes you think you are wonderful parents and should have more children. The sucker child is dangerous. Our Demetrius, our Dema, our middle child is my kumquat. He is the one who taught me all the dark things about myself and made me become a better person. I love kumquats and we usually have some at Dema's birthday, thanks to his uncle Stuart (my sister's boyfriend). It was during one of the Dema's birthday parties while I was eating a kumquat that I realized that fruit was a perfect analogy for my beloved son. He is a perfect mix of sweet (so very empathetic and deep) and sour (so very stubborn and intense). If you take him as you should a kumquat, in one wonderful little package instead of focusing too much on the sour or trying to just eat the sweet, then you get something that is completely unique and so worthwhile that you want to experience it again and again.

Editor's Note: Dema was assigned a poem in a homeschooling group recently and I thought what he came up with was a perfect.

Adorable Dema!

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