Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hibiscus Tea, Vegan Pho, and Mango with Sticky Rice

I make a big glass container of hibiscus tea each day. It is the best drink after mowing the lawn with our new cordless electric mower. Yes, I did something I told myself I would never do...I mowed the grass with something other than a reel mower. Our grass was long, I mean a couple feet long in some places and the reel mower is a tough mow anyway with all the tree suckers, hidden sticks, dips, and bumps. Anyway, this weekend Rob came home in the Zipcar with a...gasoline powered mower. I know! We had a little "discussion" and he took it back. I ordered a Toro e-Cycler online and I am now in charge of mowing the lawn. The hibiscus tea hit the spot after my first time mowing (with something powered by a motor) ever in my life.
The best vegan pho in town can be found at Thara Thai. The owners are the sweetest and happy to work with veg*ns. Tonight we ate Thai food on Vicky and Greg's porch with neighbors and some wine. And...
Greg's homemade mango and sticky rice. The best I've tasted. A lovely evening. I love my neighborhood!

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