Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Brunch

Super busy weekend which started with a fun birthday brunch for (and hosted by them) our lovely friends  Ricky and Catharine. We don't have any pictures of the brunch, but it was full of kids from toddlers to teens playing fabulously together and lots of interesting adult conversation about everything from politics to companion animals.
Rob took charge of providing Bloody Marys (using the Bloody Moskowitz recipe from Vegan Brunch except for the pickle juice). The stuff in the container is shredded horse radish which is why I put the actual horse radish on top. What should I do with the rest of it?
He also make two batches of Whole Wheat Vegan Cinnamon Rolls because this is his speciality now.
I suggested he make Classic Broccoli Quiche (also from Vegan Brunch) and we need to make this more often. It reminds me of our friend Loretta (which is always a good thing) and Parker said this would be nice to take in his school lunch sometime soon.

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Jared said...

Hi Linda, every time I've made the broccoli quiche (usually shows up around new year's day brunch) I say the same thing! It is a pretty simple recipe that yields great crowd-pleasing results. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and will hopefully be making it again soon.