Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day

It has started. Parker informed me at 6pm last night that he needed a pie for Pi Day at school. His cool math teacher was bringing a pie, but it wasn't going to be vegan so she said he could bring something in. I am pie challenged. My mother made fantabulous pies and she was trying to teach me the art of pies before she died, but I haven't been able to really think of making pie since her death 10 years ago.
I make pumpkin pies and quiches, but not an honest to goodness pie with a homemade crust. On top of having issues with pie making, I didn't have any ingredients. A quick search saved the day and I found these. Hand held apple pies (a turnover type thing) was even better. I had apples and I wouldn't have to figure out how Parker would take an entire pie to school. I sent four with him in our to-go ware and the kids each had one for breakfast this morning.
I didn't try them, but they asked if I could make more soon. Success!

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