Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Saucy Supper

We make some version of this theme at least once a week. Greens, tofu, rice, and sauce. It really never gets old and the kids love it every since meal. This time we used white basmati since we are out of brown rice and I'm working on cleaning out food we already have on hand. Rob made his browned tofu and sauteed kale. I decided to go with a new sauce and found a peanut sauce in Viva Vegan that called for cumin. I thought this would work well with the rice and I was not disappointed. I used almond butter instead of peanut butter and now I have yet one more go-to sauce.
 Josie has been walking with me to pick Parker up from school lately. She says she just can't wait another minute to see her brother. Most of the time she walks, but this afternoon I could tell she was super tired so I put her in a mei tai carrier. Parker asked if he could wear her home, she was thrilled!
 She is much heavier than his backpack.
 When we arrived home, we found Rob outside enjoying the spring weather on the slack line at our park.
A jump before Josie insisted on taking a turn.


Tracy said...

I know I asked about your slackline before, but we still haven't gotten one yet, and I have another question! How easy are they to install and take down? The area where my son could use one is not in our yard, and he would not be able to keep it up permanently, since it's kind of a common area that needs to be kept clear for when it gets mowed. TIA!

VeganLinda said...

We bought ours at Champaign Surplus and we have to put it up/take it down every time we use it since we don't actually own the park. :-) Rob does it, but it doesn't look too hard. The line we have came with two tree protectors, but Rob also changes which trees he uses because we don't want to hurt the trees. You are welcome to come try ours sometime.