Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turning Twelve - Part 2 Tea Time

Even after very little sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning, Parker entertained more friend Sunday afternoon. He had a great time with some homeschooling palls and the way it was so fun and non-competitive made me almost cry. I really enjoy getting to know Parker's new friends, but I already love these kids so much. The spent two years together in a local homeschooling group and one we've known since Parker was young. I am lucky to have witnessed these children grow. Since it was afternoon, I just served the kids snacks, which they gobbled up.
Pigs in a Compassionate Blanket of Love (vegan hot dogs with a puff pastry wrap)
Cheater empanadas (leftover mashed potatoes, leftover tamale filling - kale and black beans, and salsa with a puff pastry wrap)
Isa's Cashew Queso with chips, but this dip is so good you'll be looking for anything to give you an excuse to eat more. I can tell you from experience it pretty much tastes good on anything from mashed potatoes to veggies to pasta to licking straight out of the bowl. Make this now!

The kids building a Lego set together. I wish I had a picture or audio of them playing Creationary together. They were laughing so hard and they just made my heart happy. It was kind of like a pre-Super Bowl Party or as Josie called it a "twelve year old boy tea party". Lots of eating and laughing.

They also enjoyed (as did the kids from the sleepover) our favorite birthday cake. Yum!

After the kids went home, we all enjoyed Downton Abbey and not football. Sunday morning Rob fell down the stairs while carrying Josie and hurt himself enough to stay in bed the rest of the day. This meant we didn't trek the few blocks to Erin and Brian's for a little Super Bowl watching (missed seeing them, but happy to skip the game). We did cuddle up in bed sipping tea and watching our new favorite show. The only thing that would make Downton Abbey even more enjoyable for me is adding Richard Armitage to the cast. Alas, he is busy being a dwarf,

but he would be stellar on the show.

What tea have we been sipping lately? Wicked Wickham from Bingley's Teas (now available locally at Walnut Street Tea Company).

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