Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turning Twelve - Part 1 Sleepover

Parker turns 12 years old today (birth story here) and he decided against the "normal" big parties we usually have...he says he doesn't get to spend time with all the guests. Instead he decided on several different get togethers with different friends.

Friday night was an impromptu dinner at Fiesta Cafe with our neighbors, Scott and Deborah (and their boys) and more friends. I sat at the cool table while the adults were clearly more boring at their table.
 Parker trying to look serious.
 L and Josie being silly.
 E and Dema adding to the crazy.
 E and Dema BFFs.
L and Josie showing the love.

Parker showing you are never too old to clown around.

Last night was a sleepover with three new friends from school.
 Stuffed grape leaves (Parker's birthdays always include dolma).
 "Fried Chicken" Tofu and Gravy and nooch mashed potatoes.
 Bearitos chips with Common Ground white bean dip (so good!). Rob's famous kale and black bean tamales in the background.
 Vegan brownies (made by one of the moms, how sweet!).
 Parker received some cool cards and Lego!
 They boys played the Creationary game quite a bit.
 Rob made Whole Wheat Vegan Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.
 Parker ate three and stayed in his pjs most of the morning. The birthday boy gets to do what he likes.
Rob made two batches of these rolls and we will definitely make them again.

Who knew 12 year old boys were so chatty? They never stopped talking. Rob and I couldn't keep up with all the conversation over dinner. The boys were so interesting and so much fun! Parker is looking forward to more celebrating with other friends throughout the month.

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