Thursday, January 26, 2012

Veggies and Dumplings or Peanut Sauce and Quinoa Pasta

Yesterday's lunch, Veggies and Dumplings from Vegan Diner. I made the Chicken Style Seitan Loaf from Vegan Diner first and then decided to the do the veggies and dumplings so I add about a fourth of the seitan loaf to the finished dish. I used red onion, Better than Bouillon, and white whole wheat flour (which is really all we have on hand so I use it for everything), but pretty much followed the rest of the recipe. I don't think the kids have eaten dumplings before, but I assumed they would like them. Parker loved it, but said he'd like it without the dumplings too. The little ones completely surprised me, especially my bread loving Dema, and they ate around the dumplings. Crazy kids! Rob was happy since veggies and dumplings are a comfort food from his childhood and I thought it was a nice stick to your ribs kind of meal.
Since we had a late lunch I thought we'd do something light for dinner. I saw Robin's post for National Peanut Butter Day and was inspired to make a version of one of her peanut sauces in Quick-Fix Vegan, but because of the peanut shortage and the fact that I only had almond butter on hand it became almond butter sauce. Whatever, it was good (Parker asked for leftovers to be packed in his lunch and Dema and Josie asked me to make it again tonight) and I added a bit more of the seitan. So we didn't have a total gluten overload, I made quinoa pasta and you can see the peas and carrots. Severed it with more of the veggies and dumplings and some apples. That is a picture of a young me in the background.


Cadry said...

I've been so eager to try out the Veggies and Dumplings from Vegan Diner. First of all, almost everything I've made from that cookbook has been phenomenal. Plus, like your husband I grew up eating dumplings in stew. Unfortunately, my husband is in the same camp as your little ones. Wet and doughy dumplings are his worst food nightmare. If I made the dumplings separately he'd be into it, but that kind of loses the point. Do you think you'll make it again?

VeganLinda said...

Cadry, the family agreed we should try it again sometime. The kids asked if the dumplings could be smaller. I might cut down on them and they asked for more veggies. This would also be a great recipe for a pot pie (sans the dumplings) with the seitan I added or tofu or chickpeas.

Cadry said...

That's a good idea to use it as a filling for pot pie. I could get my husband to go for that. Adding seitan, tofu, or chickpeas would make it nice and hearty too.