Monday, December 19, 2011

Groovy Gifts

We are not really doing the gift thing this year. The kids are getting one big present each, but something they will share with the rest of the family. We don't have a tree up or anything. I just can't get into the gift giving or receiving this year. Rob and I are giving each other the gift of saving for a new roof (this spring seems like the time) and a much needed kitchen remodel (still in the dream stages).

Here are some fun gifts that I would be buying if we were really doing gifts this year:

The Vegan Stoner's Snack Book  I know, I probably shouldn't promote something like this since I'm a mom and all, but it looks too cute. I just recently found The Vegan Stoner blog and I'm jonesing for more.

Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food cook zine. Me want!

Vegan Cuts has a couple code for Strawsome. We have enough glass straws for the entire family, but if we didn't I would buy these.

Fred Eats a Pea, but I would also want a rescued greyhound to go with. I've been thinking about adopting a greyhound for years, but I had one reason or another (kids too young, business in the house, etc.). Perhaps my dream will become a reality next year.

I've been using Charity's soaps and body products for years. They are homemade with great care and attention to quality. Charity is an awesome person and many of her products are vegan. Great for gifts, but also throughout the year.

Common Group Co-op gift cards. Who doesn't need food?

A membership to the Art Theater Co-op. A perfect gift for the movie-buff on your list. They get to be an owner of the coolest theater in town.

A membership or donation to WEFT 90.1 FM (home of Food for Thought). Your community radio station.

Parker already received his big gift:
A new laptop (red!) from HP (thanks, Rob!).


Jessica @Vegbooks said...

Linda, we will be reviewing Fred Eats a Pea soon -- I agree that it looks good! And since you mentioned greyhounds, have you seen Pele's Forever Home? We have a review here -

VeganLinda said...


This book looks wonderful, it is now on my must have list. Thanks!