Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full of Figs

I was happily shopping at our local co-op the other day. It was a normal pleasant time with Josie selecting some Arkansas Black Apples and Dema picking up a 4 lb package of our favorite tofu. Saying "hi" to Amelia and Josie enjoying her vegan spinach quiche (and maybe a roll, half a breakfast burrito, and a scone, but the quiche was her favorite).
Dema devoured black bean a yam tamales and a scone of his own. The next thing I know, I'm at home with Fig and Hazelnut Spread in my hand and Rob asking what it was, how we were going to use it, and how much it cost. The last thing I remembered was looking at the spread and thinking, why? The sale tag brought it to my attention and the rest just seemed to happen on its own. It is quite good smeared on bread and Josie couldn't get enough of it, but I'm wondering if food just jumps into your cart at the store or is it just me?
Wednesday I had a meeting and needed to leave at dinner time. Another impulse buy (on sale at Common Ground) to the rescue!
Wild Rice Cranberry Fig Roast en Croute from Field Roast (picture from their website)
I missed the bus so I actually was able to try a slice. Excellent. I love to make my own seitan, but I'll pick this up whenever it is one sale. Great to have in the freezer for a quick dinner. Rob made garlicky kale to go with it and there was enough leftover for Parker to take a slice of roast and kale for lunch the next day. All the kids loved it. Great texture, the cranberry and figs are lovely with the spices from the seitan. Of course, the kids being kids love anything en croute. 

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