Sunday, December 18, 2011

Candy Holiday Houses

A dozen neighborhood kids all converged on Vicky and Greg's house yesterday to make gingerbread houses, but we used cardboard instead so we called the candy holiday houses.
This is just the type of crafty fun project that I never had the guts to do with my kids at home. It was even more delightful with a whole gang of kids from toddlers to teenagers.
Vicky and Greg provided the space, most of the supplies (Vicky asked for recommendations for vegan candies and we brought a few of our own), the vision (Vicky has done this many times before and she had magazines with ideas), and a glue gun (Vicky is amazing with that thing, cutting pieces of cardboard and gluing it to the particular child's preference).
Josie and her friend working on their houses or maybe eating the decorations.
 Dema and his cottage.
Josie's castle right after I told her we weren't going to eat it.
 Parker's finished castle.
The three candy holiday houses (Josie's, Parker's, and Dema's).
The kids had a fabulous time and were completely hopped up on sugar when we left with our finished creations three hours later. We have the best neighbors in the world. (Thanks to Todd and Tai, who came down from Chicago to spend some time with us and all the good pictures are Todd's work. Tai was busy being adorable and possibly eating a bit of candy.)

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