Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today is Brought to You by the Letter "P"

Persimmon Smoothie
Yes, it is green, I can't help but add kale* to my smoothies. This one has peeled persimmon, a couple large handfuls of frozen mango, half a bunch of kale, a cup of Coconut Milk**, three Brazil nuts, a small handful of walnuts, one peeled orange, a small handful of dried figs, about two tablespoons shredded coconut.

Puttanesca Tofu Scramble
Quickly becoming our favorite scramble, Rob made this again over the weekend and took a picture. He is usually not one to photograph his food.

PPK's Seitan Roast with Shiitakes and Leeks
I saw this seitan recipe on PPK and then one of my FFT team members, Rachel, raved about it on our show Sunday so I knew I had to make it. We had some dried shiitake mushrooms which Rachel said would work fine...they did. Parker's social studies teacher asked Parker the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to bring in some seitan after the holiday break. I usually make some sort of seitan on a weekly basis now that Parker is in public school. Seitan is versatile and easy to make into a wrap/sandwich or throw into other dishes, but I didn't want just any seitan to be Parker's teacher's first taste of seitan so I made this long seitan roast with shiitakes and leeks (I used shallots, not the same, I know, but I didn't have leeks). Parker's teacher gave it thumbs up. We all liked it too. I thought it was even better the next day than right out of the oven. Tonight I served it with mashed potatoes.

*I'm sure you've heard about the Eat More Kale controversy. It made me want to own Eat More Kale shirts. I hope it makes you want to do the same.

**I never win anything, but I won two giveaways during last month's VeganMoFo. I've already blogged about the Amande yogurt (I bought more of that too), but I also won So Delicious products. The first one I tried was the Coconut Milk. For those of you not in the plant milk know, this is not like the coconut milk in a can you put in curries. This tastes more like rice milk to me with a bright white color (the soy milk we buy is more of a beige). I hadn't tried it before now because the saturated fat content is high for a non-dessert (in my opinion), but for people who don't mind that or who want a change from soy/rice/hemp milks this has a good flavor. It doesn't really taste like much at all which makes it good for cooking too. The texture is really smooth, which is nice.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad you liked the roast! And now I have to try persimmons.