Monday, November 14, 2011

That is a Tasty Burger

Yes, my husband likes to quote Pulp Fiction and he did it often while eating the new to us veggie patties from Asherah's Gourmet. They were on sale this month through our buying club so I bought a case of the chipotle flavor to have on hand for nights when I'm at the gym or for Parker's school lunch. I made them tonight since I wasn't hungry (they come in four packs) and I really wanted to see if the family liked them. I served them with dried apples which I also bought from our buying club to do a little experiment to see if they end up having an effect on cholesterol. They look like chips, but they taste so much better. Great side for the veggie patties. The patties were quite tasty according to the family. I love to make my own chickpea quinoa burgers with kale, but these are very convenient with the just the right amount of kick from the chipotle and a short list of completely pronounceable ingredients. They will have to share the title with Sunshine Burgers for our favorite veggie patty.
Josie doing/being laundry. Just because.

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